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Soup selections may change with the seasons. Please call for availability at the time of your party. All soups (except chilled soups) require reheating. 3 quart minimum on each soup variety.


Asparagus $12/quart
Bean w/bacon $12/quart
Broccoli $12/quart
Butternut Squash  $12/quart
Carrot w/Lemon $12/quart
Chicken Noodle $12/quart
Chilled Cucumber  $12/quart
Chilled Gazpacho $12/quart
Corn Chowder $12/quart
Italian Wedding $12/quart
Lentil $12/quart
Lobster Bisque* (48 hour notice)  $12/quart
Mushroom $12/quart
Old Fashioned Vegetable $12/quart
Potato Leek $12/quart
Roasted Corn $12/quart
Roasted Red Pepper $12/quart
Roasted Tomato  $12/quart
Sweet Potato $12/quart
Tomato Parmesan  $12/quart
Tortilla $12/quart
Chili- Vegetarian/Beef/Turkey  $14/quart