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Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Prices Subject to Change without Notice

Breakfast served until 11:00 am Hot:  12oz.   16oz. Sandwiches:  
Breakfast Wrap $10.95 Coffee of the day $3.50   $3.75 Tarragon chicken salad with grapes and toasted almonds on country white or wheat $12.75
Fried Egg Sandwich    Cafe latte  $4.00   $4.75    
   2 eggs, bacon, tomato, swiss on brioche bun $11.25 Cappuccino  $4.25 $4.95 Egg salad deluxe with crispy prosciutto and greens on country white or wheat $12.00
    Cafe mocha  $4.75   $4.95    
Three steamed eggs $7.00 Espresso shot    $2.20   Tuna salad with lettuce on country white or wheat $12.00
    w/parmesan OR prosciutto $7.25 Cafe americano  $4.00   $4.50    
    w/proscuitto & parmesan  $7.75 Hot chocolate  $4.00   $4.50 Four cheese panini – cheddar, provolone, fontina and swiss with roasted tomato $11.75
Irish steel cut oatmeal  $5.75 Chai tea latte  $3.75   $4.50 Veggie panini with fresh mozzarella and basil pesto $13.25
   w/ granola OR fruit compote $6.25 Organic Mighty Leaf hot teas   $3.75      
   w/ granola & fruit compote  $6.75         Short rib sandwich with swiss and sweet onions on grilled country bread $17.95
Granola and milk  $7.00 Coffee flavors   $0.75   Lobster roll - Maine style on brioche roll Market Price
Granola parfait w/ seasonal fruit  $6.95 vanilla, hazelnut or caramel          
    Espresso shot    $2.20   Turkey – brine-cured house-roasted turkey breast with lettuce, tomato, red onion and spicy sauce on rustic roll $14.95
Avocado Toast w/tomato         $8.95 Oat milk – Almond milk - Coconut Milk   $0.95      
Toast w/butter & jelly  $4.25         Parmesan chicken cutlet sandwich lettuce tomato mayo on a brioche bun $14.95
Cookies  $3.95 Cold: 16 oz. only          
Peanut Butter & Jelly $7.00 Ice coffee      $4.95 Salads:  
Muffins $3.95 Ice cafe latte      $4.95 White bean tuna nicoise with greens, cucumber, celery, olives, green beans, egg and dijon vinaigrette $14.25
Scones $3.75 Mighty Leaf Organic ice tea           
   black or ginger peach     $3.75 Vietnamese shredded chicken salad – julienne cabbage, apples, carrots, radish, pickled onion, celery cucumber, fried shallot and mint, herb dressing $13.75
Milk - whole or skim      $2.50    
Orange juice     $5.75 Kale caesar chicken - kale, romaine, chopped egg, parmesan, and a light caesar dressing $13.75
           w/o chicken  $11.50
Lemon Falls water      $2.75 Chopped crunchy vegetable salad– romaine, carrots, celery, cucumbers, green pepper, radish, chick peas, tomato with tahini dressing $12.95
Organic lemonade     $4.00    
Spindrift soda     $2.99 Turkey waldorf salad – romaine tossed with house-roasted turkey, crisp apples, sliced red grapes, toasted walnuts, slivered celery, and lemon walnut dressing $14.95
Sprecher’s soda     $2.75    
Coke, Diet Coke      $1.50 Soup:   
Bubbly      $1.50 Soups of the day cup $5.00
Smoothies         bowl $7.95
   green, berry or tropical     $8.75    
1/2 Sandwich & Cup of Soup  $11.95
   Choose: Tarragon Chicken, Tuna, Grilled Cheese or Egg Salad  
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